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Our Newsletter

December 2014, No Federal road tax on CNG owed
NRGhybrids new mailing address: July 28th 2014
Effective July 28th 2014 The physical mailing address for NRGhybrids Group will be:
UPS/FedEx/Registered Mail:
NRGhybrids Group Inc.
4730 South Fort Apache Road
Suite 300
Las Vegas NV 89147-7947
The general mailing address remains the same
NRGhybrids Group Inc.
PO Box 27740
Las Vegas NV 89126

May 2014: Tank valve RECALL:
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has issued a notice of recall for more than 67,000 pressure relief valves that are used with compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel tanks in natural gas vehicle applications.
Read More: www.ngtnews.com/e107_plugins/content/content.php
FORD ANNOUNCES F150 Bi-Fuel 1/2 ton CNG pickup for 2014
After finding success with the technology across its commercial truck lineup, Ford will be introducing a natural gas prep kit for the 2014 F-150 pickup, making it the only half-ton pickup available so equipped.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/leisure/2013/07/31/cng-compatible-ford-f-150-on-sale-in-2014/#ixzz2af6SWKCh

WORLD RACE 2011, New York to Paris
April 14th, 2011
Not since 1908 has the world seen and event like this! Back in 1908 a brave group of adventureous men set out to prove a new means of transportation THE AUTOMOBILE. To commemorate this historic race a a new group of adventure seekers will race from New York to Paris traveling 14 countries and 24,000 miles to once again prove a new breed of vehicles, powered by alternative fuels.
350million people will see the race and over 35million will be following it!..
Car #5 TEAM CNGPUMP will join the teams from NYC to SanFransisco running on CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) looking to set an American record, (contact Lee Otto, 920-636-0428, to be a sponsor).
Follow us here for all the action “TEAM CNGPUMP” Car #5 Driven by Lee Otto in the World Race 2011, powered by CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) Lee will be attempting an American record for the longest distance traveled on CNG. He will be leaving April 9th from Wisconsin, and then joining the other racers in the World Race in New York on April 14th, 2011, Westward bound to San Francisco, many of the other drivers will put their cars on a boat to China, then on to Paris. This event has not happened since 1908 and to commemorate this once in a lifetime event, 26 vehicles will take on the World powered by and promoting Alternative Fuels! 12 countries…. 24,000 miles… GO WORLD RACE 2011.
So what am I (Lee) promoting in this race? We just released NATIONALLY , The CNGPUMP Home / Commercial Fueling Station, which is now available through Dealers in the USA, The CNGPUMP Home Fueling Station combines great performance at an even greater price.
P.S. don’t tell anyone (and if you’re a State Trooper I just made this up) but here’s a little information about our car. It’s a 2004 Turbo VW Jetta, Bi-Fuel so it runs on either Gas or CNG (compressed natural gas), The Boost on the Turbo has been increased, Custom exhaust, Free breathing air intake, Custom Cam, Race wheels and tires (high speed), Stiffer springs, We added a HUGE second CNG tank because fueling looks like it’s going to be an issue from Oklahoma to Denver (Darn, 600miles), we have a secret fueling source though that none of the other racers know about, one of our customers has a CNGPUMP.com Home Fueling Station strategically waiting for us at about the half-way point in that stretch.
Fueling won’t be an issue as there are many CNG stations from NYC to Oklahoma… then again, from Denver to San Francisco there are 100’s of Stations… But that 600 mile stretch between Oklahoma and Denver will have us collecting cow farts for fuel! LOL
The best part is that with CNG floating around under $2.00 per gallon, I’m expecting to make this 4800 mile round trip on less than $250…. I know, how exciting.
This you might find amusing, this morning I just went to public fueling station here to fill up the CNG tank (April 2nd 2011) and the price was .98cents here in Wisconsin!.... Premium at the pump was $4.02
The only real reason people have been holding back on adding CNG Bi-Fuel systems to their vehicles is the lack of fueling stations, with our CNGPUMP.com Home Fueling Stations you can now fuel at home or your business…. In my area the price of the Natural Gas is about .62 per gallon (GGE)…. And since its about 130octane right out of the ground… I’m pushing my little VW to the limit when we get to Utah and Nevada… KEEP WATCHING www.youtube.com/cngpump , and become a subscirber FOR UPDATES!
Lee Otto, Driver TEAM CNGPUMP Car #5, World Race 2011
Hyundai Introduces Korea’s First CNG Hybrid Bus
February 02, 2011 (Green Car Congress)

Hyundai Motor Company, South Korea’s largest automaker, unveiled the nation’s first CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) hybrid bus, “Blue-City”. This is the first time a major automaker independently developed both the system and body for such a vehicle.
The hybrid bus is equipped with a G-CNG Engine that offers 177 kW (237 hp) and a 6-speed automated manual transmission, plus a 60kW electric drive motor and 3.8 kWh lithium-polymer battery pack. Hyundai will operate 30 test units of Blue-City in selected metropolitan areas from July, with plans to mass produce the vehicles in 2012.



Doing CNG in America 2011, the battle between CNG, Hybrids and Electrics
February 07, 2011 (Jim Younkin's CNG)

As the price of gasoline continues to climb the only silver lining is that CNG conversions will pick up again as our pocketbooks get pinched every time we fill up with gasoline. .



GM to Offer Chevy, GMC CNG and LPG Vans for Fleets
May 18, 2010
GM will offer Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) powered versions of the Chevrolet Express and GMC Savana full-size vans to fleet and commercial customers beginning later this year.
The vans have specially designed engines for the gaseous fuels and come direct to the customer with the fully integrated and warranted dedicated gaseous fuel system in place.


What you see here is Chevy’s newly-available, 4-tank CNG commercial van. This was news last year, but despite that, this is the first one we’d seen “in the flesh”. So, when one of GM’s marketing reps realized we were ignoring the ZL1 Camaro launch (by which time we had – ahem – already gotten the hood up, pulled back the vinyl that was sealing off the filler cap, opened the back of the van, etc.) we asked questions.

GreenMan Subsidiary to test CNG/Diesel dual fuel upgrade on refuse transfer truck
February 07, 2011 (Green Car Congress)
American Power Group Inc., a subsidiary of GreenMan Technologies Inc., has signed an EPA Test Vehicle Agreement with Waste Connections of Colorado, Inc. to convert one of its refuse transfer trucks to APG’s dual fuel system and begin on-the-road test trials and emission compliance approval...



Who’s afraid of the Big Bad EPA Wolf II
September 26, 2010 (Jim Younkin's CNG)
It is not clear when the EPA got involved with CNG conversions or even why they did. It seemed to have stemed from a few complaints of OEM’s (original equipment manufacture) feeling put upon since they were required pay thousands of dollars to certify their new vehicles and the retrofit converters didn’t have to pay. (click on September 2010 article)


Ford Expands CNG/LPG Conversion Capability
to F-450, F-550 Super Duty
June 07, 2010 (Green Car Congress)
Ford will begin offering an alternative-fuels engine prep package for its 6.8-liter F-450 and F-550 Super Duty chassis cab. Ford presented details of the conversion option, which will become available this fall and enables the use of compressed natural gas (CNG) or propane (LPG, or liquefied petroleum gas), at the annual Ford Fleet Product and Business Conference in Dearborn.

Three istructors will guide you through everything you need to know about Tank placement, Safety, Technical, installation and computer tuning a CNG kit.
Students from all over the USA will be attending: Master Mechanics, Fleet Owners, Business Owners or anybody wanting to learn about CNG conversions.
$895 per person.